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Supporting Multiple Sclerosis

Mobility Aids with style and attitude!

Designing and manufacturing contemporary, stylish and functional solutions for those who need mobility support.

Mission: To keep moving forward with a positive mind when mobility issues have the potential to hold us back. To overcome as many barriers as possible to make life fun and fulfilling.

Our initial project; Triple Tread evolved from the desire to stay mobile for as long as possible when walking becomes difficult.

Becoming disabled is certainly challenging. Fortunately, there are a number of products available to assist with the problems we face and to overcome those that hold us back from doing the things we love. Unfortunately, many of these solutions have been designed to be purely functional and seem to disregard any effort to be stylish or aesthetically pleasing.

MPH Support Ltd. aim to rectify this by overcoming the personal and social stigma of this traditional type of product. We focus not only on the practical aspects of overcoming decreased levels of strength and mobility, but take care to address the way these products make you look and feel when you use them.

By designing our products in such a way as to make them cool, comfortable and desirable, we hope our customers will take pride and enjoyment in integrating our innovative products into their routine, finally being able to take on the challenges they face effectively AND stylishly.

PRESS PLAY - Fitness Fun & Freedom

Animation shows how the trike fills the gap - stick to wheelchair





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