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Triple Tread

Controlled aerobic exercise including walking, swimming and cycling has proven benefits to Multiple Sclerosis sufferers, but any exercise has to be undertaken in moderation - so as not to induce debilitating fatigue. Unfortunately, as MS sufferers move to the progressive stages of the disease, they experience an increase in this fatigue and reduction of mobility, meaning their exercise options become increasingly limited.

Exercise in MS

For people with MS, physical symptoms such as neurological fatigue, balance problems, dizziness and muscle spasticity can make traditional bike riding seem difficult or impossible and unsafe.   People with MS can be sensitive to overheating because the protective sheath on nerves, myelin, has been attacked by the immune system. Elevated core temperature can cause a short-circuiting of brain signals because of the compromised myelin. This leads to many different unpleasant symptoms. But with cycling, even as your body heats up from the exercise, the speedier you ride, the faster the cooling breeze flows over your body.

Many people with MS have difficulty walking, running or any ambulation dependent on the feet and gait patterns; they exhibit foot drop either continuously, or upon overheating.  With cycling, a person using lower extremities apply force to the pedals, and there are continuous revolutions of the pedals in a circle. People who experience foot drop will not have foot drop on the bike; the pedalling motion is different to walking. So instead of being slowed down by gait difficulties, a person can enjoy a challenging workout.

Triple Tread Trike has an unconventional yet dynamic design and uses an innovative steering and suspension system for its two front wheels. Registered Design.

Balance is an additional challenge for neurological medical problems, making riding of standard bicycles particularly difficult and unsafe on the road. Tricycles are available but their standard designs could be considered cumbersome and ‘child-like’. 

TT Trike two front wheels steer in unison and our innovative suspension system keeps you in control over multiple terrains. We are introducing a battery supported model, which offers assistance on tough climbs and helps on the return journey when the symptoms of fatigue are setting in.

Triple Tread - Style and Attitude!

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